Wednesday, May 4, 2016


#7 was a tough one for me. Cause honestly, each of these could have been one post alone. I immediately scooped these up when Shane showed me as I was really excited about adding these.

Upper Deck's 2008 A Piece of Hollywood included some great movies and Hollywood worn memorabilia by stars. These were inserted mainly one-per-box in 2008 Upper Deck UD Piece Of History baseball.

Up first, a piece of shirt work in the movie JFK worn by Kevin Costner.

Secondly, this is really cool. Superman's cape from the older movies worn by the one and only Christoper Reeve in Superman 3.

Finally, we get a bit groovy baby with a piece of pants from the first Austin Powers movie. This was one of my favorite movies so adding a piece of memorabilia from it was really cool.
 These all will look great in my non-sport PC.

As you can tell, we are continuing to build upon cooler stuff by the day. Tomorrow, we make it to card(s) 6 in my countdown of my monster trade with Project Pedro Blog.

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  1. I have both sets of these cards. Some were very hard to track down.