Tuesday, August 23, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps BUNT Baseball Cards (GIVEAWAY)

As most readers know on here, I am not much of a digital card kinda guy. I don't have anything against those who collect them no more than they should against those who don't collect digital cards. It's all collecting and we all have our preferences. As long as it builds the hobby, I am on-board.

When Topps announced they were making a BUNT physical product, I was kinda interested on how that was going to work and how they were going to tie in the digital as well.

Well, I gave a box a crack and here is how it went.

In every hobby box of 2016 Topps Bunt baseball is 36 Packs with 7 Cards Per Pack. Boxes will run you roughly $30. Lot's of cards for a very good price and reminds me of a lot of 90's products.

The BUNT-art base card design I kinda dig. Especially the Griffey card. I am usually a photography kinda guy but something to do with the layout and team logo catches my eye. The base set itself runs 200 cards deep consisting of veterans, legends and rookies. So not an overly challenging task, but still may take a couple of boxes as I found a handful of doubles.

Three great rookies here

There are also base card parallels to find but are tough to pull. I think Platinum which is the easiest falls at 1:57 packs.
  • Platinum Parallel #'d to 99
  • topaz Parallel #'d to 50
  • Crimson Parallel #'d 1/1
  • Printing Plates #'d 1/1
Just like the app, the product has inserts too.

Unique Uni's:

Light Force Set. I like the look of these. I wished Griffey was in checklist.

Program Set:

Future of the Franchise contains all of the young stars.

There is also Moon Shots that are of home-run hitters and #'d to 50 and Stadium Heritage that highlights 15 franchise players along with the ballpark where they play. Those are #'d to 25.

BUNT Loot Cards are inserted 1:3 packs. So you get 12 per box. BUNT Loot cards will unlock a free pack of digital cards on the BUNT App. Each digital pack will include 10 cards, which guarantee 1 topaz parallel and 1 insert. You can also hit some impressive inserts from the possible codes.

Title Town (BUNT Player Cards) help bridge the digital/physical world. This insert set showcases 10 dynasty team cards that highlight 3 players on a card who have won one or more World Series titles. Card backs will include a unique code that unlocks a digital version on the BUNT App. These are tough pulls with the Base being #'d to 75 and parallels of Amber #'d to 50 and Platinum Parallel #'d 1/1. This is a great way to help give those who don't normally collect the digital cards a great hit to kick it off. However, tough pulls too.

And we can't forget about hits! There are autographs of top players in the game included in this product. However, they have astronomical odds of 1:7000 or something like that. The autographs do however cross that bridge of being both a live in product hit and unlocked through contests on the Topps BUNT App.

Overall, this product definitely isn't for the heavy hitters. It's a kids/digital/set collectors type of product. Or a bust for those who like to open something that's really reasonably priced on a rainy day hoping to uncover a treasure or wanting to give the app a try through the physical world.

I think the idea and concept of the product is brilliant with Topps obviously trying to get interest of non-digital collectors a chance to dive into that world by buying a physical product. They do that by using things like free digital card packs and the tie-ins of physical cards you can pull and then can unlock on the digital app. 

But, what I like most of all, is the cost and maybe attention grabber for the kids. This is probably the cheapest product on the market right now and has all of the stars of today, yesterday and tomorrow and ties in something "game-ish" and digital which seems to be a lot of what kids are into now-a-days. 

Whatever the aim here for Topps was, I hope it works out. I am on board with anything that builds the hobby.

In the end, did this change my mind or draw me toward the world of digital as a non-digital collector? No, not really as it still only has it's appeal as a physical product. But, that's just who I am and has nothing to do with Topps attempt in this product. I look at this product as a cheaper way of adding cards from the Yankees, Griffey, some rookies and maybe a set.

Either way and no matter your preference, this product is worth a try for sure.

Now time for the giveaway.
I have 12 of these BUNT FREE PACKS to giveaway. 
I will be giving 4 away below, 4 on Facebook and 4 on Twitter. Please make sure to follow Sport Card Collectors and enter in all areas!
I will email winners a code who enter on here, DM them on Twitter a code and have them PM me for the code on Facebook. I am expecting 12 different winners, 4 in each section, but will see how the turnout is.
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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Pro: Nice player photos con: too many inserts

  2. Pro: Solid group of insert sets.
    Con: Small set at just 200 cards.

  3. Love this set! I actually play all of Topps digital apps, which I think got me into physical collecting, and this is a great cross over product
    Pro:price point, great looking cards
    Cons: not for everyone as hit chasers won't be a fan of it.


  4. I, for one, love the concept of this product. I'm already a moderately active app user(I collect whatever I can with the free coins, have not spent any real money on it).

    Pro - a decent(and non-flagship based) design and a low price point will hopefully draw new collectors for the hobby

    Con - if the auto odds are going to that astronomical, they should just leave them out of a product like this.

    Thanks to you and to Topps for the contest.

  5. I think Topps made a big mistake calling this product Bunt.. so confusing! I know the day is coming where I'll be on eBay one night after a couple drinks and mistakenly buy a card I thought was real but turns out to be digital. They should have named it something different. Better yet, make this the new Opening Day since nobody likes the current version of that product because it's just a cheap copy of Topps flagship. For a cheap, "fun looking" set, though, Bunt Physical does a good job.

  6. Pro: Nice photography and great price point
    Con: Checklist is too small

  7. Pro: Would be nice to try the new digital age of card collecting.
    Con: I am old school and just as soon have the hard copy.


  8. Pro: Low price is always a pro
    Con: The cards in the Bunt app look like Topps Flagship, so it seems weird to call these Bunt. That's not really a con I guess, except I'll have to modify my typical eBay searching that excludes the word Bunt.