Thursday, August 25, 2016

TTM:Success? Tim Allen

The title is quite different isn't it?

I can say what I got back was a success as I did receive something back from Tim Allen. But, I don't believe I would call it a TTM auto success.

Awhile back, I am behind on posting a few of these, I sent a request to Tim Allen with a handwritten note and a blank white filler card to be signed. It took well over a month for a response, but one came and when I got it, I had actually forgotten I sent it.

This photo at first glance seems to contain a legit autograph from the legend. I was super stoked to get this back from the guy who played on Home Improvement, was Santa for my childhood, went to infinity and beyond and plays in one of my favorite shows of today, Last Man Standing.

But upon further research and some investigating, I see this isn't an autograph and is just a printed photo.
Still a cool piece for my man cave, just not what I was hoping for.
However, I did re-mail a new request out to Tim at a different address hoping for better results. This time instead of sending a black white filler card to sign, I sent some photocopied pictures hoping to catch his attention more.

I actually already know the results of my mailing and will let you guys know in a few days as I am still trying to catch up on posts.


  1. No bubble-bursting intended, but that's actually a Studio Fan Mail mailout. It's an autopen.

    1. Yeah I figured that out after some research and noted above. But, stay tuned there is a part 2 to this!