Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:A Priestly Appearance

In my latest edition of Mail Day Saturday, you are viewing yet another autograph addition to my Psych autograph project for seasons 5-8.

Today's on card offering comes in at only a $4 cost and of a solid named actor in Jason Priestly.
Most of you may know him from 90210 where he played a lead for 9 seasons, but I never watched that. I first watched Jason in Tru Calling as Jack Harper, the bad guy. Of course I mainly watched Tru Calling because it was a cool show and obviously Eliza Duschku.

But, in 2012, he made an appearance on Psych as Clive Noble who seemingly was another bad guy. Clive  and his wife befriend Shawn and Juliet while they were all on vacay together and rob Shawn. With all that they took, Shawn was most worried about his missing Nintendo DS but not the way most of us would be. He had hid an engagement ring in the back of it to propose to Juliet after many years.

Thoughts on today's addition to my autograph project are welcomed in comments below and stay tuned next week for yet another add to may go HEAD OVER HEALS....

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  1. The wife and I watched every episode of Psych, excellent auto from the guest spot. Thanks for sharing!