Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mike Torrez To The Red Sox

When working on my sorting project, I came across a card that caught my eye. It was a 1977 O-Pee-Chee Mike Torrez base card.
Someone who owned the card before me wanted to update their collection it appears and put Torrez in their Red Sox pile.
However, from my research, there are many things wrong with this card. First and most important...SOMEONE DEFACED A CARD!! AHHHHHHH! (it's okay when Baseball Card Breakdown does it however as he is always creates a masterpiece with it)
Secondly, he wasn't traded to the Red Sox. They signed him as a Free Agent after the 1977 season when he had a short stint with the Yankees. He had many small stints it seems with 7 teams over his 18 playing years.
Third, if you are going to change his team from A's to Red Sox, why not had changed it to the Yankees first then scribble it out to the Red Sox??? If your going to do the work and deface it, do it right ;)

Also during my research of Torrez, I was surprised to hear he was traded for the great Reggie Jackson which is how he ended up on the A's. Looking at his career leading up to that trade he only had one decent season. Seemed like a bit of an uneven trade in my eyes even with Don Baylor and Paul Mitchell being included in that deal.

Usually a card being scribbled on like this, I would normally toss into a freebie box. But, I couldn't do it this time for a couple of reasons. It's a card older than 1980 which I don't have a lot of and there is just something appealing about the card. I can't figure it out. So instead, it's going in my Oakland A's box despite Red Sox being written on it.

What do guys normally do when a player gets traded or signed elsewhere? Do you place them in the jersey team they are wearing or the new one? Do you write on the cards to keep track? Let me know in comments!


  1. That's why they made the Traded set a few years before, or started the ones in '81. I put them where they are listed. If the company didn't catch up to the current status of the player, then I'm not going to force it. Especially by defacing a card.
    I did used to check off names on the non-team checklist cards when I was a kid. Wrote "all years" on them. Guess I was just trying to see if I could get some card of every name on the list. Didn't do that for long.

  2. "What do guys normally do when a player gets traded or signed elsewhere?"

    As a dedicated Cubs collector, I've always held onto cards that feature eventual Cubs in other uniforms. I've made a nice binder out of that accumulation that I call my "Cubs of a Different Color" collection. That way, I can continue collecting guys I like, even after they move on.