Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 2:2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America Vol 1

A couple of weeks ago, I post a Wrappers Of Collecting Past segment on 2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America and mentioned how I wanted to show some of the base cards off because they are BASEically Awesome. Well, I broke this down to a three-part series this week since the base set makeup is build that way to me.

Most of the time this series will focus on base sets that capture the action on the field with it's photogenic moments, this time, they just capture a bit more than that. They capture baseball history and history itself and I totally bought into it.

So let's take a look.

The first 50 cards of the base set are baseball players.Not just any players, legendary players on the field.

I found it cool to see Willie Mays in a Mets uni, not something you see too often anymore. I had to brush up on my baseball history a bit to see he played for the Mets after being traded from the Giants at the tail-end of his career for 72-73 seasons.

I am always excited to add a Jackie to the collection. Gotta love Reggie's shades. Really brings out the pic.

And some throwback uni's and a Brock not in a Cards uni is also a different site. Unlike Mays, Brock started out with the Cubs but was traded in 1964 after the Cubs got tired of waiting for his development. I bet now they wished they had given him a little more opportunity. I guess it was all apart of the Cubs curse.
Seeing the throwback uni's, some of the greatest players in a different uniform and the overall design of the product is some of the reason they are BASEically Awesome. You will have to stay tuned to see the rest over the next two days.

Thoughts on Volume 1 are welcomed in comments.

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  1. When I pulled that Brock card way back when, it was the first time I'd ever seen him in a Cubs jersey. It was my introduction to the infamous Brock for Broglio trade. It's still my favorite card of the speedster.