Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mail Day Saturday:Got Hit By A 2x3

Back a few months ago, I was one of the lucky ones who was able to grab one of Jeff over at 2x3 Heroes Blog Tis The Season giveaway lots.

Being a big non-sport collector, something my blog name doesn't admit to, I snatched up the one lot with what appeared to be a bunch of celeb goodness and I confirmed that yesterday when the package arrived.

Inside was everything I thought I could spot from the picture and even more. I was pretty happy with my findings so let's take a look.

Up first, some 2015 Americana set needs. I am hoping this will narrow down what I need. I haven't published the post on this blog yet, but I was able to pickup a marked down box of 2015 Americana that provided me with my biggest hit in awhile but also got me started on a set I hope to complete. I should be posting that break in the next week or two.

A good selection of celebs I didn't have here.

A look at some famous moments

Some more Americana fun. This time in insert form.

On The Tube die-cuts.

And a stunning On The Tube parallel. And I am not just talking about the card design itself. I have been a fan of Dushku's for awhile.

Some pretty slick parallels here including Bradley Cooper who I liked best from the Hangover movies. I also didn't know they made a red foil parallel. Biz Markie's pose on his card is just askin you if you "say you're just a friend"

I thought that was the end, but there were bonus finds as well!

Heroes Of Baseball inserts from Leaf I have never seen or owned some nice additions to my players PC.

Including a couple of Stan Musials too!
And we finish it up with a card that's dope! Well........
Awesome Willie Nelson relic add to my celeb PC!  Was a really nice surprise!

A HUGE thanks goes out to 2x3 Heroes for the awesome mail day. I really loved all of the cards.


  1. Glad you liked them. Always fun to put cards in the hands of people that will love them more than I can.