Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hobby Resolutions 2019

It's that time of year again, time to make New Years resolutions. I try not to make them for my personal life as I have never once stuck to them with it mostly being weight based. You know the "I will be a better person this year." "I will try to avoid eating donuts" "I will at least lose 10 pounds this year" When honestly, most of these are things we should be doing already every day and not things we set for the beginning of the year only to fail a few weeks later. Even though I am sure my Dr who I see this week and my Nephrologist I see in a couple weeks would be happy if I could shed a few pounds to avoid further kidney stones and blood pressure issues.

Speaking of that, I would love a much better 2019. 2018 was great for my collection and hobby, but in my own life, not so much. I was so happy to hear it was finally coming to an end and has. But, enough with that. It's time for a new chapter to write in 2019.

Last year I set some pretty lofty collecting goals for my collection and they were my biggest ones yet. Let's see how I did.
  1. Add 3 autographs to my Ghostbusters set. (I completed the set!!!)
  2. Add 2 autographs to my Psych autograph seasons 1-4 set (I completed this set as well!!)
  3. Add 2 wardrobe relics to my Psych set (well, didn't hit this goal as my main objective was finishing up the autographed ones)
  4. Finish off most of the insert sets in my Psych collection (same as number 3. I didn't even attempt to finish one)
  5. Add 1 set from my 1990's Spx needs (really wanted to do this but didn't)
  6. Finish up my 1996 Spx baseball set (added some new ones to it thanks to hobby friends but still at least 20 away)
  7. Add 100 more new Griffey Jr's (one trade with Shane accomplished this)
  8. Add 50 more new Rodney Hamptons (Added less than 20 this year as my focus was on the autograph sets for Psych and Ghostbusters. But, I did add some rare ones which is just as good)
  9. Start my binder re-organization project (finished it!)
  10. Post updates no my binder sorting project as I go along (did this as well)
  11. Put at least half of my Griffey want list onto the computer (sadly didn't even start this project as I ran out of time)
  12. Improve the blog look, appeal, and articles (this is always a goal as I feel it needs improvement every year)

Now onto my 2019 goals. I will, once again, set these to be a lofty goals. Last years was such a success I am hoping an even bigger one will be just as successful.
  1. Add 1 set from my 1990's Spx needs (for real this time yo!)
  2. Finish up my three favorite football 90's insert sets (I can be hopeful!)
  3. Finish up my 1996 Spx baseball set (added some new ones to it thanks to hobby friends but still at least 20 away)
  4. Finish up more 90's insert and base card sets. This will be my main goal in 2019 is bringing back the 90's. Well, late 90's. I am not a junk wax fan at all and to me junk wax era was 1988-1992)
  5. Add 100 more new Griffey Jr's (will always have this one on here)
  6. Add 50 more new Rodney Hamptons (same as number 4 but finding new Hamptons is getting tougher and tougher)
  7. Add some new Non Sport Autographs from my list of wants. I will be posting those soon as I revamp my tabs.
  8. Start my collection overhaul (more on what this is about soon)
  9. Post updates on my collection overhaul project
  10. Put at least half of my Griffey want list onto the computer if not all then upload it to here (this will be my first goal of the year)
  11. Improve the blog look, appeal, and content (this is always a goal and this year I am really striving to do so)
  12. Fix all of my want lists, checklists, and update the face of the blog (this will take awhile as I need to accomplish some of my sorting first)
  13. Make a list of more late 90's sets I want to finish adding the set number needs on here. (A lot of my 2019 collecting will be focusing in on finishing up those sets from the late 90's)
  14. Improve the way I write. It's been a habit to type what I write before my pictures, but it seems I have been doing that wrong for the past 6 plus years and it needs to be fixed. I always thought words lead into a picture but it's not as the words must be posted after. I also want to add more words and information to each post. Or even a flashback memory. Something that won't make the articles so short and sweet.
  15. Post less mail days on here or find more creative ways of posting them instead of this is this and this is that type of posts. They bug me when I do those. I may move some/most mail days back to Twitter only (we will see) and post more articles on the things I am passionate about instead. (this will be more work than it sounds as this includes NY Giants, 90's cards, my sorting, collecting, Rodney Hampton, Ken Griffey Jr, etc to dig out and get pictures of) 
  16. Work on a new blog name. Yes, I am still at that point of wanting a new one and would love to accomplish it by my blogs birthday in March. I want this title to say what I collect like Eli's Crew or anything you guys can come up with. Wes suggested "In The Cards". I do like that one. But something that covers Ken Griffey Jr, NY Giants, Rodney Hampton, Non Sports and the 90's. (Eli Manning's Crew Blue, 90's Are Back, or something a lot more creative than that. Have suggestions, leave them in comments as most of you know what I like to collect)
  17. Use the background my wife picked up to take blog pictures on. I waste so much time taking pictures and cropping. WAY TOO MUCH. With this background it will be just snap and upload which will save me tons of time.
  18. Cutout/cutback on trading with newbies. I know this sounds odd, but I wasted too much precious time last year digging stuff out only to have a trade fail. This was many, many, many times of spending hours digging out trade bait and having the person preferring to sell or simply just backing out despite liking what I offered. So my trades will happen only with my usual group.
This to me looks like a huge task that I will take one day at a time. That's the approach I take in life as well because you never actually know if there will be a tomorrow. Most of these projects I won't be able to complete without the help of hobby friends so those I normally trade with, let's do some trading!

Also, I will be doing a recap of my 2018 Year In Review this week to recap all of the great moments in my year of cardboard.

So I wanna know, what are some of your hobby resolutions for 2019?


  1. Replies
    1. That won't be easy. I have been there and still there

  2. Man, that's a lot of goals...I'd be happy if I could just get myself organized, which is a goal I always fail at.
    Good Luck!

  3. You have quite a few goals this year. Good luck and I look forward to see what 2019 brings you. My 2019 goals post hits tomorrow. I too have several more this year than last year.

    1. I will have to check yours out. It appears I haven’t added your blog to my blogroll! I must do so

  4. No major hobby goals for me this year... although Dime Box Nick planted one seed: cutback on buying retail. Have fun with all of the goals you've created for yourself.

    1. Yes avoid retail all you can. It’s mainly trash lol. Unless it’s chrome or Prizm. Those are decent

  5. They have 1 card show a month where I live and with life happening , I tend to forget about it. My goal is to attend more than I did this past year.

    1. I hope to hear if you do and how you do at them. Keep me informed on what you find!

  6. Perhaps your new blog name should incorporate G-Men in it (it doesn't cover 90s or non sport but does get Giants and Griffey).