Monday, March 30, 2020

Good People, Good Cards

I have met some incredible people in the hobby. Some across the blogosphere and others on Twitter. One of those guys is @PQuintua who occasionally sends me cards he finds he knows I will enjoy. Especially Kerry Collins.

Just because!

He recently found some cool stuff from his LCS and passed them along. (yes I know I should save the Collins for that weekly post but still behind on posting some so wanted this posted now)

1995 Sportflix Kerry Collins rookie

Collins gold and Classic Award Winner

A duo of Collectors Edge rookie 22K parallel!

Select rookie and Ultra base.

Flair Showcase base I have wanted (I mean look at it?! I now need the rest!) and a blue Pacific parallel

Classic NFL Draft card of Collins I hadn't seen before so this is a solid add. I am always happy to knock down the ones I don't see every day.

Brandon Jacobs Chain Reaction /200 (remember when most inserts were numbered?)

Brandon Jacobs Status parallel /24. Pretty slick!

Topps Draft Picks and Prospects chrome refractor of Osi. I missed when the Giants defense had a bunch of pass rushers and could actually stop a team. Even with all of their cap this year, they still haven't filled in that need.

Strahan and Droughns who played a season for the Giants black refractors.

Some great stuff here @PQuintua and I truly appreciate it! Thank you so much.

If any of you have any help for his 2019 Prizm rainbow of Barry Sanders, please contact him. I am not sure how many left he is looking for, but if you have any, just contact him please via Twitter.