Monday, May 4, 2020

Tradin' With Pops Again

I know it's Star Wars day and everything, but I haven't added any Star Wars cards recently and didn't feel I should post the same ones over and over again, so let's just check out my mail day from my father a couple weeks ago instead.

Back in January, we finished up our first trade in over a year and I mailed mine out pretty quickly to him and he usually returned the same. Problem was, health issues started to occur.

He got the flu that lasted a long time, then came down with bronchitis, etc, etc, etc. With the world the way it is, he couldn't take himself into the Post Office hacking away so he had to wait it out. Finally, he felt good enough and got this out to me before anything else happened.

I had no idea what was being sent anymore as I forgot with it haven been so long, so it was as much of a surprise to me as it will be to you guys reading this on here.

An almost complete set of E.T. I loved the movie and my father doesn't like non sport cards so he knew where they would be going.

I believe a picture of me when this at-home order is over with. Oh, sorry, I mean a complete E.T. sticker set.

90's cards at their best, Nicknames card of Cal Ripken. Hadn't seen one of these before and when I saw he was trying to sell it, I told him to toss it in my trade pile. This is the one card I remember claiming.

My best 2020 rookie card to date. I can cross off Herbert from my needs list now.

Rutina Wesley relic. I have never seen anything she has been in, but I love my non sport relics so great add regardless

Davis Webb relic card

And another Lauletta autograph for my PC. This marks my 15th autograph of his and at least my second if not my third of this particular one.

I hope to work out another trade with my father at some point. It helps take the mind away from things going on in the real world and its always fun to of course.

Hope everyone has a Happy Star Wars day and let me know in comments which Star Wars movie was your favorite


  1. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite SW movie. However had they turned the final four episodes of Clone Wars Season 7 into a single episode/movie, I'd give it the nod. It was fantastic. I plan on watching all of them again today.

    1. I have never watched any of the cartoon series, maybe I should

  2. Kyle Lauletta was on the Eagles' practice squad last I heard.

    My favorite Star Wars movie is the original.

    1. Which isn't a good place for him with Hurts drafted and Wentz starting (for now). Wished he would have gone somewhere better even Tampa would have been a great spot to sit behind Brady and learn

  3. Thanks to anecdotal evidence, it's looking like the Rona's been in the U.S. since November, so your dad might want to try and get one of those antibody tests to see if he may have had it -- either way though, it's good to hear that he's doing better.

    1. It has me wondering if a couple of people in my wife's family may have had it then and not the flu as suspsected