Friday, October 18, 2013

Totally Excited: Totally Certified Football Returns For 2013

One of my favorite football card products year in and year out since it's return (was originally a 1997 product before Panini revived it) by Panini is Totally Certified. And I will be the first to tell you my love of the product is because of it's micro-etched technology used on the cards.

2013 Totally Certified Football Geno 

Take this Geno Smith for example, now with Panini's pre-images from their blog you can't see the micro-etching as well, but when they show live images of it, it will be stunning. I am actually picturing it right now in my head. And if you want a better view of what the micro etching will look like search our blog for Totally Certified. I like the NEW design on this years Freshman Fabric. It no longer has jersey pieces hidden within writing and the pieces are just out in the open now with bigger swatches.

One of my favorite memorabilia sets comes also from this product:
2013 Totally Certified Football Stitches In Time 
Stitches In Time comes in Single, Dual, Triple and Quad versions with the pairings, such as the one on this card, of top notch players from this era and previous era's. 

There will be those famous Totally Certified base card parallels also in Totally Red, Totally Blue, Totally Gold, Totally Green and Totally Black

Due out November 27, 2013 Totally Certified Football continues with its hit-per-pack with two autographs, three memorabilia cards and an additional autograph or memorabilia card in every six-pack box.

Let us know your thoughts on this product.


  1. Ok so how much per pack?

    1. They don't have it priced yet but I would roughly estimate about $25