Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Prizm Football 2013

Box Break Down:
  • 20 Packs Per Box, 6 Cards Per Pack
  • Two Autographs Per Box
  • Twenty Rookies Per Box
  • Three Prizm Parallels Per Box
  • Around $95 a box

BASE CARDS:This is the third sport in a row I am having to say this but I will say it again, I really like the added color to the background of this years Prizm products. It truly takes away the dullness of the silver they used last year. I think the design is much better now. Of course another positive thing about Prizm base cards is that they don't bend.

There are 300 cards in the base set. 100 of those are rookies. You will find one rookie card per pack and 20 per box. With such a HUGE rookie checklist you will get a good mix of stars and possible up and comers.

INSERTS: The base inserts for this product are drastically improved just like the base cards due to just a slight addition of color. But with this product, it's not about those inserts. It's about the parallels. There are Prizm, Orange Prizm Die-Cut (numbered to 50), Gold Prizm (numbered to 10) and Finite Prizm (1-of-1) to be found. Our box came with the stated 3 Prizms. You just gotta enjoy a well done parallel.

Also with this years Prizm parallels there are many, many to chase and not just in hobby. There is jumbo boxes with different parallels. And retail boxes with blue and reds. And then you have the Monster Box that comes with Monster Box found only insert parallels. Putting together a rainbow of your favorite player or players or teams will be a fun chase.

Another neat addition and per pack find is the Panini HRX cards. By scanning the code on the back of each of these rookies cards you will unlock exclusive behind the scenes content on your mobile device. Pretty cool. To me it's another added rookie card as well.

AUTOGRAPHS: There are many autographs to chase in this product mixed of veterans and rookies. Then you have to pile the Prizm parallel ones on top of that. With such a massive checklist you could land anybody. This is either a good thing or a bad thing. Some boxes may provide some serious BOOM with stars and others may feel a little flat like this box did. I would have liked to seen one rookie and one vet per box making the chances and value a little better.

The McDonald above is a Prizm parallel auto numbered to 99.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: As the saying goes, you can't judge a book by it's cover, well you can't judge a box by it's break. This was honestly a little bit of a rough break for the price you pay for it. Weak autos and no big parallel hits. With only 2 hits per box you are relying on one of those hits to bring you some value back from your break. Not unless you are lucky enough to hit it big time in the parallel department.

Don't get me wrong, I truly love Prizm. I like it as much as it's Chrome opponent. The design and parallels are fun. And with more vet autos this year in a weak draft class its a nice addition. I do wished this box added more value to what you pay for it, but like with any box in this hobby, it's all a risk.

Prizm is a great product and you can't let just one bad break be the deciding factor for you. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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  1. i like that vance. of course im a niners fan though lol