Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3 Pack Break Of Press Pass Total Memorabilia Racing 2013


Each pack of 2013 Press Pass Total Memorabilia Racing will run you about $20 a pack depending on where you buy them. Each pack comes with a hit and a few inserts.

Here is how we did in our break:

The inserts:

We didn't show you any of the base cards we got and only the insert hits above. If you are curious by what the base cards look like the top picture is the parallel of them.

Now onto the hits!

The one thing you gotta love about NASCAR cards than any other is the many different pieces you can use in memorabilia cards. The Kyle Busch above has both a CAR COVER and a FIRESUIT. Pretty cool!

And of course NASCAR wouldn't be NASCAR if you didn't include some sheet metal and tires onto the cards. a pretty cool sheet metal swatch that appears to us is off from his hood where the blue M&M is.

As always, comments are welcomed!! Let us know your thoughts on this product and if it's something that you would buy

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