Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Winners Of Our #SCCPaniniPODWildCard Photo Contest!

In a close race due to some excellent photos, Panini had a fun time voting for their favorites as it was hard for them to choose. We asked 5 Panini employees to vote for their favorites. We also found another to vote who helps with the Player Of The Day Promotion to break up a third place tie. Overall, there were 6 voters and a very tough time voting in this competitive contest.

Now onto our winners:

1st Place Got 3 Panini Votes: Jason Howarth, DJ KAZMIERCZAK, Tracy Hackler

Congrats goes out to Zac Smith for the win!

"Collecting Will Be The Death Of You"

2nd Place received 2 Panini Votes: Scott Prusha and Christopher Reed

Congrats goes out to Jamie B for finishing 2nd!

 "Future Panini Collectors"

And we brought in a another voter to break up the ties and Doug, who helps with the Player Of The Day promotion,  voted for "Who Dey" who get's the THIRD PLACE FINISH.

Congrats to @cmarsee3

"Who Dey" 

Congrats goes out to all three winners and thanks to everyone who participated in this part of the promotion. Remember that there is TWO promo's going on RIGHT NOW so enter those as well! We also still have three more promos for Player Of The Day coming up in November so keep an eye out for those! Believe us, they will be well worth the wait!

Winners, please email us at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com with your addresses and we will get those prizes out to you!

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