Friday, October 11, 2013

FINAL 4 In Our World Series Contest

Back in February, we held a World Series Contest, and no we never forgot this season though we haven't mentioned it in awhile, and had people who participated draft which team they thought would win. Well, now that we are down to the FINAL 4 we thought we would shed some light on who's remaining in this contest in case you have forgotten.

Here are the remaining participants:

Boston Red Sox-@JdoggNoland
Detroit Tigers-@band234
Los Angeles Dodgers-@fitchjr
St. Louis Cardinals-@yorkcounty46     

Here were the prizes again for the winner:

Unopened Donruss 1990 pack
4 base cards from Golden Age..just because they look nice
A lot of 80's and 90's stars
Jeff Conine Gold Parallel from Upper Deck '09 numbered to 99.
This is the Pink Error card.


Good Luck to those remaining in this contest!

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