Wednesday, May 21, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1996 Classic Basketball Rookies 1 Pack Break

I am thinking rookies in this edition of 90's Rip Party and broke a product with the name rookies right in the title, 1996 Classic Basketball Rookies.

This product was not an NBA licensed one but was NCAA licensed. It had some great photography with nice clean open card design with only players name at the bottom. You get 10 cards per pack and a chance at one rookie auto per box. This pack wasn't the lucky one with the autograph and actually didn't even have the big players in it either. But, I still had a good time wondering what was within.

Now onto the break:

The Shaq was a different kind of add in. The picture is of his Hallmark figurine hence the name of the insert. But that is what the 90's was all about, uniqueness.

Each pack comes with this silver parallel card:
Overall, nothing too big here. But, once again, that didn't matter to me. The photography looks outstanding and these are all going to the rookie PC.

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