Tuesday, May 27, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1992 Donruss Baseball Series 1 1 Pack Break

You like to rip older baseball cards? Well so do I! So in this edition of 90's Rip Party I do just that and go back to 1992 to rip a pack of Donruss Baseball Series 1.

1992 Donruss Baseball Series 1 had 15 Cards per pack along with one card that contained 3 puzzle pieces. The design had a blue bar across the top with the word Donruss 1992 and an even bigger bar across the bottom with player name, position and team. There is also an outside border. This wasn't one of my favorite design for Donruss as I am not a fan of seeing the card consisting most of a border.

Now onto the break:

Overall, kind of a boring break. No rookies pulled in this pack and not really any stars either. Luckily the price was about what I got in return.

I gotta admit however, when this first product came out, I collected a ton of the puzzle pieces and put the puzzles together. I may have also used puzzle glue and hung them in the card room at one point. But, that's not confirmed :)

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