Tuesday, May 13, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1994-1995 Skybox Premium Basketball Series 2 1 Pack Break

I think I can call this a sequel to yesterday's post that featured Skybox Premium basketball 1993-1994 in the newest edition of 90's Rip Party.

In Skybox Premium basketball 1993-1994 Series 2 there were 12 cards per pack. The design was a little down from the previous years even though for most of the base cards they stuck with the rectangle strip down the side. This time that strip could be found on either side and only contained the player's name.

Skybox also added in some brightly colored subsets with BIG WORDS such as SKY SWATS AND SKY SLAMS. They also took the rookies from the product and gave them a colored background which is very easy to spot whether you have a rookie or not.

Now onto the break:

Pulling a Grant Hill rookie card from 1994-1995 was always exciting. For me it was not only because he was a great NBA player but because he came from Duke.

As you can see with this rookie, the photographic background has been colored helping you identify that it's a rookie.

So not only did I land a Grant Hill rookie, I pulled a pretty nice looking insert as well! Though the odds on these are only 1:2 packs lol.
Overall, I was pretty satisfied with the results from this break. Grant Hill rookie, an insert, and some semi-stars.

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