Saturday, May 24, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1997-1998 Topps Series 1 Basketball 1 Hobby Pack Break

Another riveting post from everyone's favorite topic, 90's Rip Party. Today, I felt like breaking something from the late 90's because of their great looking inserts. So I broke a pack of 1997-1998 Topps Basketball hoping to not only find one of those inserts, but to maybe even land a Tim Duncan rookie.

Every pack of Topps 1997-1998 came with 11 cards. The base card design was different than most Topps products and I liked it. The cards had very little border which worked. The cards themselves were un-glossed. The players though, were. So it made for a fun texture. There were some great angle photography done on these as you can tell below on a couple of the cards.

Now onto the break.

Even though I didn't hit any rookies, I brought myself what I like to call THE BOOM with a Season's Best insert that is 1:16 packs. Beautiful card as well!
Overall, a fun break. I really like the base cards and they may be the best ones Topps has ever done for their flagship product. I obviously enjoyed the insert pull as well.You just gotta love the excitement that 90's collecting can bring!

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