Monday, May 26, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1997 Fleer Ultra Baseball 1 Hobby Pack Series 2 Break

In this edition of 90's Rip Party, I break one of my favorite late 90's products, Fleer Ultra. With baseball season fully underway I wanted to rip some baseball.

Fleer Ultra Series 2 baseball came with 10 cards per pack with a bonus Fleer '97 Million Dollar Moments card. One of the 10 cards was a guaranteed to be a Gold Medallion parallel as they fell 1:1 packs like all Fleer Ultra ones did. Also in Series 2 there was a chance at a "Big Papi" Rookie card.

The design for 1997 was one of my favorites. No border photography. A cool font used for the players name, team and position and bright shiny color. It appears they played around with Word Art and it worked!

Now onto the break:

The one the things I didn't like was the Gold Medallions. If you didn't read the small writing at the bottom, it was a bit challenging to see the difference between them and the base cards as seen below:

Did you win a million...I know I didn't:

Decent 1:4 pull of a Golden Prospect:
Overall, I had fun with this break.Great design and I pulled a few inserts. Isn't that what 90's collecting was all about?

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