Friday, May 30, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1993-1994 Skybox Premium Basketball 1 Pack Break

Once again, I am ripping some basketball in another edition of 90's Rip Party. Today's selection, 1993-1994 Skybox Premium!
In 1993-1994 Skybox Premium basketball there was 12 cards per pack. The design was decent. A rectangle box ran down the left side of the card with player name, position and team logo. There was no border and some decent photography. There were some fun inserts to collect as well.

Now onto the break:

Pulled a George Lynch rookie in this group:

And nothing gets your heart revved up more than pulling any form of MJ in a pack. T
Overall, not a bad break especially when there is an MJ sighting. The main thing I like about these is the photography. The Jordan alone makes you feel as if you are court-side watching him make this shot that is more than likely a game winner. I didn't find any inserts this time, but I would probably go back and give another a try.

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