Tuesday, May 20, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1991-1992 Fleer Basketball 1 Pack

Well, in this edition of 90's Rip Party, I dug way back to 1991 to break some basketball cards. The pack of choice for this break, 1991-1992 Fleer basketball.

I have always been a  fan of Fleer and the great products they put out on the market in the 90's. They had a taste for uniqueness and design coming up with great inserts and chase cards such as Pro Visions which you could find in these.

Each pack of 1991-1992 Fleer basketball contained 14 cards. The design was a big blue retangle box that runs down the left hand side of the card with the player name, team name, and position with the box. There is a small, but well taken action shot on the right hand side with a touch of red border on top and bottom of the card. This was not one of my most favorite designs from Fleer, but the photography was pretty amazing.

Now onto my break, I didn't expect anything too exciting, but one of my main goals was hit from this one pack, to find a Michael Jordan card. Which is my goal for any 90's basketball product that I open.

Check out what was in this pack below:

Here is what I considered the best of the best including the Michael Jordan card in bottom right corner:

Overall, this was a fun cheap break which is what the hobby should be made of. Why pay so much and get nothing then get upset when there are tons of breaks like this you can break and enjoy. I know I did.

Note: Sorry about the images. They seemed to have come out a little blurry.

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