Thursday, May 22, 2014

90's Rip Party: 1992-1993 Hoops Basketball 1 Pack Break

It felt like time for a NEW edition of 90's Rip Party. This time I wanted to shoot some HOOPS and broke 1 pack of 1992-1993 Hoops Basketball.

1992-1993 Hoops basketball Series 1 came with 12 cards per pack. The design was a pretty clean one. Thin white border around the card with a player name and team in a thin rectangle on the left hand side. There is a thin bar with player position just above the bottom border of the card. The color scheme of the players name and position matched the team they played on. I am not usually a fan of any borders on cards, but Hoops did a good job with balancing out action shots and card layout. This was also the fun years of collecting Hoops back when coaches were included into base sets.

Now onto the break:

Great group of players right here including Phil Jackson and Magic Johnson

Nice looking subsets as well with the NBA All Star ones:
Overall, a good break. I got three stars in Barkley, Phil Jackson and Magic. However, the better 1992-1993 Hoops series to buy is two with the chance at getting a Shaq rookie card and others.

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