Thursday, May 22, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

Today's edition of What's In The Mail provides the biggest punch of them all! Sadly you will not see all of this mail day in this post. You will need to stay tuned to That 90's Sport Card Blog to see the rest including possibly the best card in my collection!

I don't normally do trades, but when I came across a Frank Thomas auto I had won from a contest, on a whim I felt like doing a trade and helping another collector with their PC. I knew a very trusted trader and collector who would have loved to add that card to their collection, so I contacted Jonathan Hoffman about the card. Jonathan and I had made a small trade before but that trade was nothing compared to what this one was about to become!

At first the trade was a Frank Thomas auto for THE UNNAMED CARD AT THIS POINT. Than I began to research more Thomas' I had then Pirate cards and all of a sudden we had blown up one HUGE trade. While I don't have a PC, I knew he had a couple so I helped fill some of his needs while I picked out stuff I wanted, but couldn't afford at the time.

In the end, we made one awesome trade and were able to really help each other out. I strongly recommend trading with Jonathan Hoffman and when the mood strikes me to trade again, I am heading his way!

Now onto my goods:

I wanted some more 2014 rookie card action so I asked for one of these (results in a future post)

Than I have been dying to get my hands onto a true rookie card of Jose Abreu, I mean who hasn't, So I asked for one of these: (results coming in the future)

I have always wanted a minor league card of my main man Ken Griffey Jr, here it is going where my other Jr's are:

And I wanted some fun stuff to post on That 90's Sport Card Blog which includes possibly the best card in my collection. That card is pictured here but is bottom side up on top of the Topps box. And no it's not that Topps card, it's under it. The rest of the cards you see pictured here will be displayed and boxes and packs broken down on That 90's Sport Card Blog. So if something catches your fancy under here, you will want to go check out that blog in the next week or so.

This was such a great trade and mail day. I am glad to know someone who is a trusted and a very good trader. I just wanna say thanks again to Jonathan Hoffman on this incredible mail day and once again, if you have any Pittsburgh Pirates or Frank Thomas cards, send them to that guy!

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