Sunday, May 11, 2014

Latest Jammin JDcards Results!

Another week down and another great break by Jammin JDcards. Once again, don't let me sit here and ramble on about why you should join in. Let the hits do the talking!

Panini Black 2013
Luke Kuechly 143/349
Ladarius Green 06/10
Ray Lewis 31/99
Zach Brown 153/199
Rhett Ellison 023/199
Romo / Aikman 16/50
Dwayne Allen 131/349

Valor Football 2013
David Wilson 127/150
JJ Watt 20/70
Ryan Tannehill 51/75
RG3 16/25 - WOW

A.J. Green 58/87
Justin Hunter 114/130
Le'Veon Bell Book 06/38
Marcus Allen 052/115
EJ Manuel 82/94

2013-2014 Intrigue/Timeless Treasures
Andrew Bynum 155/199
Erik Murphy 53/99
Joe Johnson / D. Williams 137/199
Dwayne Wade 07/10
Scottie Pippen 16/25

JUST SOME of the incredible Pack Break results:

Le'Veon Bell 06/10
Kaepernick Rookie
Joe Gibbs Coaches Book
Jordan Reed 249/271
If you like what you see here and haven't yet given Jammin JDcards breaks a try, please do. Good prices, great shipping time, top notch customer service and big hits waiting to happen. You can find out what  Friday Night breaks are next right HERE and you can also join in on their pack breaks with a variety of sports, years and products and incredible prices right HERE.

Good luck if you give them a try and let me know what you hit!  

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