Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Break Of 2 2013 Topps Update Baseball Hanger Boxes

When you find hanger boxes for $5, who wouldn't pick a couple up? There was NO WAY I was leaving these behind. Sometimes when there is a bargain, there is a hidden treasure to find!

Box one began well with my FIRST Pineda Yankees card. Sadly, however, this was also my best base card from the two boxes. I didn't add too much to the PC in terms of base.

I did however add plenty of rookies to my PC as these boxes were pretty loaded. Some of these are true rookies, some of them not. Some rookies had multiple cards in the update series eliminating a few of them as rookies. One example is the Puig I found. Says rookie, but isn't the rookie in the set.

Then came the inserts. I was a bit surprised for a box of 72 cards (with the two boxes 144) how few the inserts actually were. Usually companies that pack that many cards into a pack usually pack 10 or so inserts. Not Topps, they added a lot of base. Which don't get me wrong or anything because I respect base cards, but this was a tad overdone.

Here were my two minis, one from each box, of HOFers!

Few more inserts including a Jeter for the PC

After looking at the above inserts I feel in the past few years that the inserts in Topps are not as exciting anymore.I would actually rather not see them. I would much rather see more parallels that look like these. Especially the shiny ones! Unless they can start being more creative with their inserts.
For $10 and a chance at autographs and memorabilia, I thought these were worth the chance. It seemed however that my bad luck showed its ugly head in the break with few big name finds. In the end, I still felt that I got my moneys worth by adding a new Jeter to the PC, the Pineda and all of the rookies. Probably won't be something I buy again however, way too many base and doubles.

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