Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find Part 8: Topps 206 Ultra Gold!

Well, here is another post to what will be many posts of me breaking down what I got at a Yard Sale that I posted about recently. Today's post had a box with Topps 206 baseball and Fleer Ultra baseball 1997. My main focus early on was looking through the Ultra hoping that someone had forgotten a David Arias (Ortiz) rookie card. But no such luck. However, this box did provide me more Jeters, new Griffeys and some Goooooollldd.

Here are the 4 NEW Jeter's I just added to my PC. The base cards in this set had two to three different variations in the higher numbers along with the regular base card in the lower numbers.

More Jr action, numbers 416 and 417. I was a little disappointed that Griffey didn't have more cards in this set like other players.

Here are some Team 206 inserts. Great player finds here as well including Jeter again.

Then the luck continued with a Joe Mauer rookie find!

The Ultra didn't provide me a Ortiz rookie or anything that big, but the memories was worth it. This was my favorite Ultra design. The photography was wide-open and there were some great shots. The name written in rainbow foil matched with team color is superb. These are even nicer in person as anyone who owns any of these knows.

Tons of Gold Medallions that fell one-per-pack at the time
Overall, a trip down memory lane with the Ultra, two new Griffeys, Mauer and tons of Jeter, this was a great find for 50 cents.

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