Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find Part 15: Updating You From 2002 With Topps And Chrome Too!

Well, here is another post to what will be many posts of me breaking down what I got at a Yard Sale that I posted about recently. Today's post was a stack of cards from 2002 Topps Update and 2002 Topps Update Chrome.

Kicking this off was the best base card I found from the stack. Kinda cool comparison. I like the aspect of this card, but gotta say I wasn't a fan of this base card design at all. Way too much border.

Got some great rookies in the stack. Chone Figgins:

Jose Bautista!

Dontrelle always forget that he started with the Cubs. I always picture him as a Marlin.


Even a couple of refractors!
I was happy with this find. I needed rookies of Willis and Bautista and I am never going to complain about getting Chrome. Especially when this only cost me a quarter.

Still a few more Yard Sale posts to go but we are winding down to the end sadly. Check back in soon for Part 17.

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