Sunday, September 28, 2014

Winner Of September's Pack Gambler Contest

First off, I want to say thanks again to The Pack Gambler for providing prizes for these monthly contests and giving Sport Card Collectors a chance to provide prizes to all of our Canadian friends along with our U.S. friends. The Pack Gambler truly is a must follow on Twitter and on Facebook.

Now onto this months winner. I had 25 entries into this contest. Two of them had Boston with 4. So it goes to the next tie breaker of PIM's which both had guessed the same. So it came down to total goals by the winning team which was a total of 23. Both guessed over, both were very close to each other and by a single goal @NYFried516 is the winner. He guessed one less than his opponent. 

Congrats @NYFried516! Please email me at with your address and I will pass it along to the Pack Gambler. 

You have won the following:


Thanks again to the Pack Gambler for these contests and I am already looking forward to next months! Remember to follow them on Facebook and Twitter and tell them thanks for these contests.

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