Sunday, September 21, 2014

Trying To Catch Up...

For the next two weeks or so, starting tomorrow, posts will be a little off course on here. Posts will not be published on the days they are supposed to be as I am trying to catch up on three months worth of backed up posts. Yes, I could publish a few everyday but I feel when I do that, you guys miss some or ignore them. So instead of doing that, I have been madly typing up posts for the past two weeks to catch up on all of these "older" posts.

What are these old posts? Well there will be a few mail days, a few box and pack breaks, a couple opinion stories and the final posts of the Yard Sale pickups. I am ready to move forward with NEW posts and feel these ones have been dragging me back and just want them to get out there before they are really OLD NEWS. As it is already, some will be.

So get ready for the next couple of weeks stack of posts. There are some fun ones in there and some eye candy as well.

Things will get back on track on here after all of those posts are done.

Thanks for reading!


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