Friday, September 26, 2014

Baseball Card Yard Sale Find Part 16: 1997 Donruss...WITH INSERTS!

Well, here is another post to what will be many posts of me breaking down what I got at a Yard Sale that I posted about recently. Today's post is small but sweet. 1997 Donruss baseball was a product I loaded up on when it first released and it brought back many memories when I discovered it in this lot. I liked the base card design and the inserts especially. You know, they are shiny. What collector doesn't like shiny things. Not to mentioned, some are also numbered. And most importantly...I found some inserts in here! Check em out!

These were the small pile of rookies I found. There was about 50 base cards and then these headlined by Matt Morris and Ben Grieve.

Bring on the awesome 90's inserts!

These were tough pulls! Beckett has them listed at 20X base value. I don't think I ever saw a gold die-cut up close til now.

This was cool...Front Side:

Back Side:
Like I stated earlier, not much, but sweet for what there was. This box served as two purposes. One, it gave me some great 90's cards for that part of my PC. Two, the nostalgia is amazing. Brought me back to when I used to collect with my dad who no longer collects. We had some great times opening packs of Donruss trying to see who would pull the big insert first. I think I won most of the time.

Just a few more of the Yard Sale posts to go. Stay tuned!

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