Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Breakin Wax REVIEW:2015-2016 Panini Court Kings Basketball Hobby Box

Court Kings makes its return for another season bringing basketball cards to life with it's bright colors and artistic layouts.

This product I didn't get to open last season but it was one that struck my curiosity. So combine those two things and here we are.

Every box of 2015-2016 Court Kings comes with 10 cards per box.. Each hobby box of 2015-16 Court Kings Basketball will deliver four base cards, two Rookie Cards, one autograph card, one memorabilia card, one Portraits insert, one additional insert and one Box Topper. Boxes will run you just under $70.

The box is kinda cool as it's a very solid cardboard box. Something I am re-using for storage. Here is what the pack content looks like once the box is opened.

I wasn't lucky on the end of pulling an auto with my box topper, but I will admit this is really cool looking. Quite the angle. Probably some of the best looking box toppers I have seen.

You won't find many base cards in a box either. They do look nice and have that canvas feel. However, set chasers will have to bust a few boxes if they want to complete a set.

This one is numbered to 299 and was the ONLY rookie card from my box. This design has the feel of 90's card. Also reminds me of a wall that might have been painted in Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Portrait Insert. This one is numbered to 100 and is a red parallel.

Dwayne's got swagger. My other insert in the box.

I may not have gotten the two spoken of rookies, but I did get three pulls instead of two. First off, the jersey cards look really impressive done with the artistic layout. This one is the Artistic Endeavors. This is numbered to 299 as well.

Really awesome looking card here in Art Nouveau. Great balanced layout, HUGE swatch. Doesn't get any better than this. These are numbed to 299. There are also eye popping prime swatches in these. Just check them out HERE.

Up next, a Jrue Holiday autograph as my autograph in the box. This one was numbered to 35 and is signed on-card!!

Overall, bit of a weak break. I did get a bonus hit in my box, but there wasn't a lot going in terms of value overall. However, I will not tell you to stay away from the product. There is some rare inserts, tremendous swatches, top notch autographs from vets and rookies plus the artistic look of the cards is well done. It's something I would at least take another chance on.

Writers Note: Look for some of these cards in future giveaways and #SCCGivesBack mail days. Stay Tuned and make sure to thank Panini America and Tracy Hackler.


  1. Definitely a 90's feel. Always hard to pay $70 for only one autograph, but like you said the value is there. The autos look really nice!

  2. These cards are really attractive. I just bought a couple of the box toppers a few days ago. Hopefully in time the hobby box prices will drop.

  3. I have enjoyed the Court Kings box toppers. Beautiful 'cards' where I am proud to display players I don't even care for.

  4. That box topper is really, really nice!

  5. I like the look of the cards and have always wanted to buy a box. Hard to make the leap with so few cards and you just don't know what the pull will look like. I still want to do it and will hopefully get the chance (budget willing) soon.

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