Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NEW BLOG! Check It Out! (Plus Notes)

Yes, I know I have stated on here a few times about over-blogging and how I take on way too many projects, well, hopefully I haven't made that choice again as I have created yet another blog. I know, you guys can start to yell at me.

After having 3 failed attempts at running a second blog, I do believe this time is different. This is new blog is a blog specifically for my Super Collecting of Rodney Hampton and it won't have new posts daily (least I don't think so) like this one. That will take a lot of the pressure away as this blog remains my top priority. That may change later on as I may decide to dedicate my time to that one over this one. We will see.

Hampton's Cardboard Craze will be a "if I have time I will squeeze a post in" type of blog. I see other bloggers take this approach as well and it should work for me like it does for them.

Here is the first post that I just posted on there today. Check it out as it explains what the blog will be about.

Introduction To The Hampton Cardboard Craze

Hopefully it will grab some of your attention as I know many of the bloggers/readers that follow me are mainly baseball fanatics. I have been working on this blog for over a month slowly adding things and ideas I might do and wanted to make sure I did it right before I released it. I plan on getting a few posts put together on it soon that way I start to get some content on there.

By now you are probably wondering what I meant "plus notes",well, those are about this blog.I have been noticing a few changes in terms of this blog viewings on here to see what is interesting to you guys and what doesn't work. That will be taken into consideration for changes I may make later on as I hope to have more NEW content/stories by April. I have plenty of fresh ideas to add in. For now, the stuff I have been posting is from Sept-Dec that I am way behind on. Yup, you are reading older posts and it will stay that way til a little after March.

Another thing I wanted to note is that I have also been tearing through and sorting like mad in my collection as I have been re-doing the way I sorted things. It's a lot, and I mean A LOT, of work to undo a collection to re-organize it all over whether you have 200 cards or 2,000 cards or even 200,000 cards. I have finally decided to do everything by team instead of by brand, year and number and tearing that apart was heartbreaking at first, but a relief after I dug in. I will put together a post on this BIG project at some point.

I have had fun being able to take time out to re-sort and seeing some of the cards I have picked up over the years. I must also say I am glad in more than one way I made the choice to re-organize as I found some cards that will make for some great posts later on when things are caught up.

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week and hope you have enjoyed recent posts on here. Thanks for reading and please give the new blog a look (follow, link add) and leave me your thoughts.

How many of you have ever re-done the way you sort and how did that go for you? Do you regret it? Let's hear it!


  1. It's hard to re-do sorting when you really never sort to start with... Besides, I like to be surprised when I find a forgotten PC stash! :-)

  2. I stopped trying to sort got 2 600ct. boxes take some out forget too put them back put them on top of box HELP lol..

  3. Whenever I downsize my collection... I end up going through my collection and switch up something. That often means changing up the way I sort. And I have to admit... there have been a few times I didn't like the change, so I went back and put things the way they were.

    Have fun with your 2nd blog!