Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week 17 Football Notes (Fantasy too)

I haven't updated you guys but I made it to the fantasy football championship game!!

What I didn't realize was that when I set up my league, I made each playoff round two weeks. I should say luckily I did so.

Two weeks ago I pulled off a comeback in the 2nd week of the playoff round to defeat Jammin JDcards and here I sit in the second week of the championship down by 40. My team was awful last week to say the least.

So this week, I made some bold moves as you will see in the pics following. The first picture is our score, second is our match up for today and third is my team. I wanted to show you the many risks I am taking today by benching stars for players I hope step up. I also worry that clinched teams will bench their starters at some point.

As for other notes, Happy Birthday to Giants QB Eli Manning. Go play big!

Also, if this happens to be coach Coughlin's last game, I hope they go out there and give him a good performance. It's the least the team could do for the HOF coach who brought two Super Bowl Trophies to the team

I can see the game going either way. Giants blow out the Eagles or the Eagles blowing them out. Hoping for the first option.

I hope coach Coughlin actually retires instead of going on elsewhere. But, I also think it's time for the Giants to move on from him and hopefully the GM. Four years in a row of subpar teams and no playoffs is enough.

Hope everyone enjoys the final week of the regular season.

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