Thursday, January 28, 2016

These Guys Would Co-Sign With Me

One of the most impressive looking autograph sets in the late 90's to me was the 1997 Stadium Club Co-Signers. Now I have added two more to the PC, this time, NYG style!

I don't quite remember what I was looking up when I stumbled on this card that was on a Black Friday sale for $5.25, but, when I saw the price and who was involved, it didn't matter.

Nice rainbow foil shine with a clean on-card autograph of Fred Barnett....

and one of my favorite Giants growing up in Amani Toomer.

My second purchase was because of the first one. After paying for the other one, this one popped up as a same interest item for about that same price and I couldn't let that slip by. So I bought it

Just as impressive as the design, I was impressed to see a Wayne Chrebet autograph go for so low. I consider him as one of the greater WR's the Jets have ever had. The guy wasn't a superstar, but he found ways to make a big impact in a game. Even though he isn't a Giant, I was pretty happy with him on the card alongside...
Thomas Lewis who is a Giant.

Overall this marks my second and third Co-Signer autograph. I would like to add more, but only for the right price. If only today's autographed cards even looked half as good as these.

Today's topic, do you own any co-signer autographs? Who? And what are your thoughts on the design?

As always, thanks for checking out my mail day!


  1. The baseball version from that era is one of my favorites. I think I have all the Pirate versions. Great looking cards!

  2. Man... if you only knew how much I spent on these back in the day. Commons would sell for $10 to $20. And the stars? They were crazy. I probably have 5 Co-Signers from the 90's still sitting in my collection. My personal favorite... and probably a Top 20 card in my collection is a Derek Jeter/Chipper Jones that I picked up in the late 90's.