Thursday, January 14, 2016

Breakin Wax REVIEW:2015 Panini Contenders Football (BIG BOOM!)

There are a few products that I can't wait to come out on a yearly basis and one of the top if not the top is Contenders. Why? It's hard not to see that in the football card market this is top dog for autographed rookie cards. It's the must have and one that I did need to have.

In every box of 2015 Contenders is 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. You should find 5 autographs per box with some coming with 6.  You should also find  3 PENNANTS, 2 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR CONTENDERS,1 MVP CONTENDERS,1 LEGENDARY CONTENDERS AND TWO OTHER INSERTS. Each box will roughly run you around $130.

The base cards simply don't change much. That's something I have no problem with. I think they look nice and stick with the theme that has been throughout the product since 1998.

The inserts look much nicer than past years. They seem to be all die cuts as well. (of course you could also find base card parallels that I didn't get that are not die cut)

These remind me of two things. One, they look like the ones that were used in Rookies and Stars. Two, back in the 90's Contenders had felt die cut pennants that were awesome. I kinda like this addition and seem to fit this product better. Time to put some felt on these and break out the leather inserts now!

Now onto the main course of Contenders. The rookie autograph tickets. Along with parallels, Sp (these are always so unknown early on that you are never sure you have one til Panini releases the info) the tickets have variations too.

Unlike past years, they are easy to spot. Here is a Lorenzo Mauldin auto I pulled. This is a plain RPS (yes this is also a Playoff Ticket parallel but you get my point)
Now here is an image off Panini Knights Lance of a variation of Ty Montgomery. Notice the helmet is exchanged just for a logo. Like I said, easy. There are also College uni variations too but those as well are easy to spot.
Panini America 2015 Contenders Football QC15
Here is another parallel I pulled. This is a Bryan Bennett Championship ticket numbered to 99. I love the rainbow shine.

The box seemed a bit flat until this found it's way into the second to last pack......

Overall, what can I say, I got a great pull in the box. I can't say each box is going to have one of these, but I will say you can never go wrong with Contenders. There are so many offerings and big ticket chases. Yes, pun intended. I didn't even touch base on the veteran or coaches autographs in the product too that you can check out HERE. You also won't find any of those weak jersey card fill-ins like with most products. You only find straight up autographs, unless you buy retail.

I will also note that not all autographs are going to be somebodies and some you may never see them on the field, but what's fun are the ones that slip through the cracks and become stars. Like Victor Cruz or that guy named Tom Brady. You just never know. It's at least great to have the chance to snag one. I wished the product had Will Tye however (he is the Giants rookie TE who led all rookie TE's)

Comments on your thoughts on Contendes are welcomed below.
Writers Note: Look for some of these cards in future giveaways and #SCCGivesBack mail days. Stay Tuned and make sure to thank Panini America and Tracy Hackler.


  1. Those little pennants are awesome. I wish they had included them in the set when they released it for the NBA.

  2. Great pull and love the pennants as well. Otherwise this set is pretty bland looking for me. Doesn't mean I won't pull the trigger on more cards but so far I'm just not digging it. Thanks for the great post.

  3. How do I get the Big Ben triangle card

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