Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Catching Up With Rodney

I think I can finally call myself a Super Collector of someone and can officially use the words "Super Collector" unlike past attempts. So here it is out loud on a mountain top, :I am a Rodney Hampton Super Collector!!!:

Why can I call myself this now unlike my past player attempts? That's because my collection of Rodney's is creeping towards the halfway point of his overall trading card output. Bet you didn't see any of this coming out of nowhere as I don't discuss it too much on here.....yet.

Here are some more of the recent additions to my PC that I got in cheap eBay lots.

A 1996 Pro Line National parallel. Says it's numbered to 499 but to be honest, I haven't seen many of these around.

Some of my favorite brands mixed in here. Ultra, Collectors Choice and my always favorite Playoff brands.

Speaking of Playoff...sparkle! A 1995 Playoff Prime Mini Parallel. These really shimmer. My picture was really not doing it justice here.

President's Reserve was at the time what I considered a high-end product from Collectors Edge. The base cards looked elegant printed on acetate with a touch of gold. I still have a few of the base kicking around, but I didn't have Hampton til now.

And to finish up the newest additions, Action Packed and sportflix.
These are officially crossed off my printed checklist as these were picked up awhile ago (that's why this was called catching up with Rodney). There are still many holes to fill but hopefully I can continue to chip away one card at a time. Isn't that what Super Collectors do?

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