Monday, January 18, 2016

You Are Entering The (Stadium Club) Matrix

Not only was Stadium Club an iconic brand of the 90's (even though its back now, I feel it doesn't have the same appeal), but it put out some pretty amazing inserts. One of those inserts was Dot Matrix which was a base card parallel.

These refractor approached inserts fell at 1:12 packs or two per box. When you tip them from side to side in the light, the shine makes you feel as if you are entering an amazing rainbow matrix and would end up on field with the player.Sort of something you might have seen in a 90's kids program.
When the last recent round of eBay bucks hit, I had this in my watch box to be apart of my Rodney Hampton PC as it was the only one on eBay I could find. I don't like missing out on cards I can only find one of and especially at a deal.
I tried to tip the card and take a nice picture so you could get that feel as well.

Now that you are out of the Matrix, I assume, how do you feel about this card and design (also let me know which field you ended up on but I have to assume it was Giants Stadium)? 
My thoughts are I wished Topps did these kinda parallels today especially in Stadium Club with that amazing photography.

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