Friday, January 22, 2016

Box Of Goodies,Grady M Mail Day Part 2: NY State Of Mind

Swinging our way into Part 2 of the latest Grady M mail day, we kick it off with some Yankees. I am extremely excited to get baseball season going after such a rough outing for my Giants football team in 2015. Hoping 2016 Yankees can make me forget about it. They should be a fairly decent team.

El Duque, Yogi and McCann

Riz, Soriano and Mattingly

  MO! And Joe DiMaggio

Now onto those depressing NY Giants. One thing that didn't disappoint was Odell Beckham's performance. Many will argue with me over this but I still think he is easily the Top 3 best WR in the league. So hard to cover. Imagine if Cruz had been healthy along with Randle. Wow. Eli's career high season already may had been even bigger. Part of the reason why I am glad the Giants retained McAdoo and put him as head coach. Watch out defenses in 2016!!  

My first Giants chrome card of 2015.

More Gmen Goodness!!! 

I usually save all of the shiny stuff for last, which I did with the rest but I decided to show off this awesome Collins refractor ahead of time. But, this is just a small sign of what's to come with the shiny stuff. 
 This mail day just keeps getting better. Come back for Part 3 that I am hoping to put up in the next day or two. 

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