Friday, January 15, 2016

Nightmarish Rodney Hampton Mail Day

Without any argument, Stadium Club of the 90's was not only a popular product, but it put out some amazing base cards, parallels and inserts.

One of those cool inserts came from 1995 Stadium Club called Nightmares. The checklist was full of players that would give you Nightmares. Other than this Hampton, I only own one other of these.

The backs each had a specific creature that would give you a Nightmare. Hampton's was a Vampire.

These inserts fell at 1:18 packs and still hold a decent value today. Hampton was one of the lower-end ones so I lucked out in terms of paying under $1 for it. However top players still can be a decent price especially in decent condition as the backs were known for bad corners. Luckily this Hampton was mint.

What's one of you favorite inserts from Stadium Club?

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