Thursday, May 4, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 5: 2014 Topps Prime Football

(It seems my last BASEically Awesome post was out of order, so here we got back to Part 5 today and hopefully stay in order now)

If you are a fan of photography, look no further than Topps Prime. I wished the product was able to be carried on, but we know what those exclusive licenses do.....that's not a topic for today.

One of my favorite years of Topps Prime was 2014. There were some great shots taken all throughout the checklist.

Like this Thomas,

And Fitz breaking a tackle,

Don't miss on tackling LeVeon Bell or you will get burned. Cool throwback uni featured to.

Drew rolls out and continues to throw all over the Bears.

This is just a handful of cards from the 150 card set.  One of my favorites which didn't upload for some reason, was a Cowboys card, yes hard to admit, of Dez Bryant leaping up over Lions defenders for a sick catch. But the photo was done perfectly.

Thoughts on today's product or any of the Topps Prime line are welcomed in comments. Show me your favorite card from the product above.


  1. Uh-oh, looks like another spammer has found the card blogs.

    I loved Topps Prime. It was always one of my favorite releases during its short tenure.