Wednesday, May 17, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 7:1995 Fleer Football

I know, I know. I can feel your glares right now. How in the world could I consider Fleer 1995 to be BASEically Awesome?? I have seen the comments on the design from many who consider it to be done by a child, but, having been a bit younger when I purchased a ton of the product, it caught my eye and still does til today.

The set breaks down into 6 psychedelic twist designs that can be a bit trippy on the eyes.Each team has been assigned a design so not every team will be done in each in the 400 card set.

One design in the base set is blurry.

The next is straight up team color.

This one is part full color, then takes the front of the player and gives it a computer breakdown look.

then we get a bit trippy

We make sure to know the team name

Then we blur it out but re-position everything a bit.

I think a lot of my love for the product comes from reminiscence about opening it and the memories attached to it. I think maybe if that part wasn't involved I may not care for it as much. But maybe.

So what do you think? You yay or nay on the set? Is there one design to you that stands out over others? Let me know in comments!


  1. Most of these designs are too busy for my taste... plus I'm not a fan of seeing the player's birthdate, height, weight, college, and how acquired on the card fronts. I also don't like the use of different designs for different divisions. At least they kept the same design for the whole team. With that being said, my favorite design is the AFC West followed by the NFC East.

  2. 1995 Fleer gets a bad rap, but I think the football version is better than the baseball version. I actually like the 95 Fleer football, with the exception of the AFC East. Good set, in my opinion.

  3. These are pretty unusual, but I think 1995 Fleer Baseball has this beat for pure wildness.