Thursday, May 11, 2017

REVIEW:BCW Trading Horizontal Card Dividers

For years and years I have always used whatever I could find to separate my cards in 800 ct or smaller boxes. I have used wrappers, index cards, cut up pieces of paper and so on. They worked but weren't always effective as they would bend, break, tear or fall over. Finally I have found a solution for this, they are called BCW Horizontal Trading card dividers.

First of all, they fit fully into single-row card boxes so I can use them for any size box. They also have write-on index tab that fold over to make the divider more visible in boxes. They also won't bend, fold, fall over, etc without some serious effort. They are not made out of cardboard or whimsy plastic, it's a 30 point polyethylene plastic that would take some effort to fix.

I haven't fully put these in place yet in my card boxes, because I wanted to give them a practice go first and decide which boxes I wanted them in first. But, here is an example of my practice run:


The tabs fold back once you are ready for them to. I wasn't ready to do mine yet as I haven't written on them and I think it will be easier to write on them being flat.

If you have the same problems as I did with keeping cards separated in boxes and not knowing what to use to divide them, I suggest giving these a go. They seem to be a very solid product. You can find them on the BCW Supplies website, HERE

Let me know your thoughts on these below and if you have the same issues I did.


  1. Cool. I haven't seen those yet. I recently (about two months ago or so) followed the example of another blogger who simply used the plastic "card savers". Sure they are flimsy soft plastic but for boxes of traders I don't really care what the condition of the dividers are. With mine I used some of those index stickers for file folders to identify which section is next. Their problem is the stickers don't stick too well on the very top. It might also be the index stickers I used are old and might not be as effective as brand new ones. The card savers sizes vary depending on which brand or version you use. I don't like using card savers for anything else but often get cards that are in them.

    I will keep a look out for these BCW dividers as they are properly sized.

  2. Great post. I hadn't seen those yet. Some 20 years ago I purchased dividers for the larger storage boxes. They did not bend at the top though so they came with small wood blocks used to keep the lids of the box off them. This is a better deal all around for sure. Thanks again.

  3. When I first started out, I used index cards and had to keep the lid of my (then 1) box open. I wrote team names on each index card and put them in vertically to sort by teams. Now I mostly use binders with page sleeves, but these are a really neat idea!

  4. These look like a good solution for the single-row boxes

  5. I've purchased vertical dividers... but have never seen these before. Although... I can't really see myself using these ones, since most of my cards are in 5000ct. boxes.

  6. The Max Protection vertical dividers with the vertical 800ct boxes (in white and colors) I find a MUCH better way to organize my cards. The vertical orientation is more ideal and easy to flip through the card numbers then using the BCW horizontal card boxes that are very much dated.