Thursday, May 18, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 8:2009 Upper Deck Football

If you are a collector, well, you simply know you can't use the words Upper Deck without associating the words photography. They have always been the best at capturing moments on the field. Whether it's baseball, football or on the court with basketball and even on the ice with hockey. Their photo's are the best.

One of my favorites comes from their last NFL product possibly ever. 2009 Upper Deck.

I have only chosen a few of the images from the set. But, I think it sets a great example of how simplicity of the design combined with the colorful pictures makes for cardboard bliss.

Kurt looks well protected in the pocket

Royal cutting up the field

Mendenhall looks untouched!

This Haynesworth photo is taken at a pretty cool angle as he prepares to take the field and the Redskins overpaid money.

Which set had your favorite Upper Deck pictures and what are your thoughts on these? Comments welcomed!


  1. I've shown a ton of UD baseball cards on my blog. I definitely miss some of their releases. Their flagship set was always my favorite, but Ultimate Collection had some crazy nice cards as well.

  2. 1993 UD Baseball was the first set that popped into my head.

  3. I always liked the design of 2009 Upper Deck. Can't believe it has already been eight years since this product came out. Year in and year out, Upper Deck base set was great.