Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Griffey Top10

Like many other bloggers, I am entering the fun contest over at Collecting Cutch in which you have to post your Top 10 cards of your favorite player in a post. This was not easy for me. As many of you know, I have many players with many great cards I collect but in the end it comes down to two that are the biggest of all in Ken Griffey Jr and Rodney Hampton.

In th eend, since this is a baseball contest, I decided to go the route of baseball and show off my Top 10 Griffeys I currently own. I do have more coming up in a few trades, but I only want to do what I have in hand now.

All of these I have posted on here before, but, you may have forgotten about. They also aren't all memorabilia as most of my Griffey's are base/inserts. I did include some key pieces however.

10. I acquired this card from the one and only Junior Junkie because I loved the photo.

9. This photo has always caught my eye. Quite the bubble!!

8. These aren't easy to find, I just like the uniqueness of the item.

7. Speaking of Christmas, these ornaments are really cool. Shiny and die-cut leads the way!

6. One of my favorite pre-rookie minor league cards

5. The Top 5 starts with some Dufex. Such a cool action shot and the dufex really blows it up.

4. Is my only game used baseball card of him

3. Griffey, Yankees, and cool designed stadium seat. Yup. Wrapped all into one card.

2.One of my three autos. But, this was my first one I got in a trade with Project Pedro Blog.

1. How can this not be number 1. I would be crazy not to have it be. Some days I wished I had more than my one copy.

Well, there you have it. My Top 10 Griffey cards currently. Now I pass the challenge onto you. Let's see your Top 10 of your favorite player.

Thoughts on mine are welcomed below!


  1. Thanks for participating in the contest. Griffey transcended baseball. I love the image of Griffey blowing the giant bubble. I have never seen the Santa UD before. What year is it from?

    1. It's 1999. I don't see many around. It's a jumbo card to. Really cool

  2. The 89UD rookie card is so iconic. It'd easily make my list too.