Monday, October 27, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? A Little Bit Of Everything!

I have mentioned this before, but the internet has provided me the chance to meet some great fellow collectors and on the Sport Card Collectors Facebook page there are many of them. One in particular is Grady Malachowski. This guy not only interacts on Facebook and my blog all of the time, but once in awhile he sends me an awesome care package. A few days ago I received one of them and was excited and surprised to see it. I didn't even wait to get home to open it. Another one of those "gotta rip open in the car deals."

In the package was a variety of my favorite teams, players and products I like. I can tell that Grady pays close attention to my blog and what I collect.

First I found these Giants cards

A few new Randle PC adds!
Yankee adds:


My favorite team and favorite product, Crusade looks beautiful!

Then two NEW Griffey adds! Totally digging these!

In the end, this was one nice whopping surprise mail day!

I would like to say thanks to Grady for the mail day and I appreciate all of the cards. They will make great adds to my PC.

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