Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Breakin Wax:2014 Absolute Football 2-Hobby Box Break (SOME BOOM)

I will say immediately I did not know what to expect from this product. I didn't read much on it other than it celebrating 20 years of being released. But honestly, I fell in love after opening it. I put it in my Top 3 for 2014 products. My first is Contenders and this one is second.

Check it out!

In every box of 2014 Absolute Football is 10 cards. Half of those cards are hits with 3 being jersey and 2 being autographed. Each box will run you $130.

These were the only base cards out of 20 cards I got. Putting together a set may be a challenge, but for us set collectors, we like a challenge.

Spectrum parallels.

Hogg Heavens are a bit of a throwback to the original 1995 design.

Same goes for these quads which by the way are very impressive in person. Lots of micro-etching. Here are the backs...

Here are the Odell...I mean fronts...

Throwback 20th anniversary card of Tannehill. This one is numbered to just 20.

Autographs and a Romo jersey card. Fuller is a spectrum numbered to 25.

Absolutely loved this design. Pretty sick 6-piece Clowney.

West who seems to be in every box I open and one tremendous looking Watkins. Those blue pieces I assume are glove, but feel like footballs. A very cool card one of my favorite pulls this year!

FINALLY!!! A product that includes helmet cards again!

Oh...why AJ..why??!! Why do you keep showing up? You better be the next Tom Brady at this point.

Boom! Matthew Stafford autograph/jersey card! My first auto of his and its numbered 5/20

And some more BOOM! Allen Hurns auto/memorabilia numbered 2/5!
Overall, by far the best break I have had in some time. I really like the Hurns as he has a bright future and we all know how Stafford is. There really wasn't any cards that I pulled I wouldn't keep in this break. They all belong in my PC.

I strongly recommend you busting some if you haven't yet. Best Absolute in years.

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