Saturday, February 21, 2015

Breakin Wax:2014 Topps Prime Football Hobby Box Break

Topps Prime has been a product I have wanted to try for some time now.  I have picked up some retail before and the thing that catches me every time is the amazing photography. Topps doesn't usually do a lot with photography focused products as a lot of their products are based around artistic or border laden base cards. But, these cards show if Topps actually did more photography focused products, they could do a great job.

I don't have a box pic for this post but will give you the run down. Each box of 2014 Topps Prime football comes with 10 packs per box with 6 cards per pack. Each box is roughly $60 and comes with 4 hits per box.

Like my opening statement about the product, the base cards are simply amazing. No border, little writing and full bleed photography. Each one captures a special moment in a game. Just check out this Richard Sherman.

Back of the card

Even the rookies are impressive. Yes, they are not game shots, but they look really nice.

Here are two photo Sp variations I pulled in my box. One rookie, one vet.

Here are some base card parallels

Inserts. These I didn't care much about. Two bland.

The Primed Rookies were okay.

First hit. Ebron.

Second hit. Cooks from what it appears patch. I was at first thinking mustard stain because of the size but I suppose it's a swatch. I like that they used the nice photographed base cards for these but you have got to increase that swatch size up some.

Copper autograph parallel. Once again a guy I have seen multiple times in my boxes in 2014.

And speaking of a guy I have seen many times in my comes AJ again! I hope this guy is the next Brady. I mean, I have four or five autographs of his now and been on a streak of him recently. If he had been a Giant, I wouldn't have cared as much lol. But, I just don't see him getting a chance in Cincy.
Overall, other than some nice base cards, nothing too special here. My hits were poor in my opinion. They do look nice, but they were poor. However, that doesn't turn me away from the product as we all have those off boxes. With a decent price, a strong rookie class and four hits in a box, I will definitely go back if I get the chance to again.

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