Saturday, January 2, 2016

Breakin Wax: Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 5-8

I normally do a breakdown of the box, tell you all of the details, but in this episode and yesterday's, I have broken this enough times that I think you get it. I will however say I got this one for $32 on dacardworld's Black Friday sale and that every box comes with three autographs.

Just like in the first seasons, the product has some nice inserts.

This one is really cool on acetate.

Now time for my autographs. Every box seems to provide some great value here from people who don't always sign. And the checklist is quite nice as well.

I already had Bader, but hey, why not another.

Yes!! Corbin Bernson from so many TV shows and movies. This was a new add to my Psych autographs.

And then the Chief. Another new addition to my collection!
Overall, for $32, another great buy. I really want to complete the entire autograph checklist for both series but that could take some work and some money.

But I may try and keep you all informed! If not, I will definitely be breaking this again.

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