Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Breakin Wax:2015 Prestige Football Blaster Box (Autograph Pull!)

Honesty, I haven't bought much 2015 football this year. It just hasn't tempted me enough. Not when I can buy 2014 with a loaded rookie class for much cheaper. There are a few good rookies in 2015, but not enough to warrant me to buy tons.

But, I had to have at least a few more rookies so a blaster of Prestige had to make due.

Sorry, but forgot to take a picture of the blaster. But, here is a breakdown. You get 64 cards per box. 8 packs of 8 cards. You also get one of these NFL Draft Picks per box. This was is of speedster Lockett.

One rookie card per pack. Mine was a weak box for sure.
Some Extra Point parallels
Not bad scores on these inserts. Jameis Winston Big Board and a sweet acetate Campus Legends Elway.
And to my surprise....BOOM! A Sankey autograph! Numbered to 99 as well. Hitting a retail autograph brings you on such a high!! It doesn't matter the player.
 Overall, a autograph saving blaster. A few good inserts didn't hurt either.

What's the best autograph you have pulled from retail?

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